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So I had the idea to launch a website that could explore holistic centered psychology, which is a bit redundant (psychology is already supposed to be about that), but I was wanting to come up with a catchy domain name and I thought "holipsych", but it was taken so I got this one. Short & memorable website domain; now all I need to do is provide content to justify the name. Not a problem. I've been at this for quite while now, so ...

In an attempt to establish credibility for referring to myself as a "social scientist" I figured that I'd offer an introduction. Oh, you thought that I'd try to use the word "sociologist", didn't you! - oh, haha - so I'd get the "evils of socialism" rant and I'd then stand accused of being a communist ... of course I'm not, but it'd put me on the defensive ... it's like fighting your way out of a paper bag, but what's so hard about that? The question is how you got into the paper bag in the first place; by being cordial & accommodating & harmonious, but of course that reveals a fear of rejection, banishment. Reveal a weakness or vulnerability then sadistic people will have a way to exploit & extort, and have a source of entertainment. (See: Kafkatrapping.)

I am an autodidact and have some relatable formal education, but also I have been informally, but specifically & purposefully, educated in regards to the application of the guarantee of equal protection of law that the U.S. Constitution Fourteenth Amendment (is meant to) provide.

Here's an introduction to my take on sociology (a rough outline)

(To exert control over others ⇾ oppression ⇾ benefaction ⇾ oppression ⇾ benefaction ⇾ isolation ⇾ dependency ⇾ subjugation)

Other current relevant behavioral/mental health advocacy information

Brief list of popular related sociology studies & experiments

other sites of mine:

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Class conflict is another concept which upsets the oppressors, since they do not wish to consider themselves an oppressive class. Unable to deny, try as they may, the existence of social classes, they preach the need for understanding and harmony between those who buy and those who are obliged to sell their labor. However, the unconcealable antagonism which exists between the two classes makes this "harmony" impossible. ~ Paulo Freire

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Some of my work ...

I've attended a couple court-ordered type classes due to my drinking when I was younger & never would intentionally be argumentative; but as result of the counseling I received for trauma I experienced, I know that there are still the accepted cultural attitudes that are not congruent with social safety & harmony, or public mental health.

On one occasion I was required to watch a video of a "self-help" type seminar of Barbara De Angelis giving relationship advice for married couples - turns out that she was married a few times so she's an expert - but she started in talking about men & women's behavior in relation to the theory of evolution and I knew everything that followed would be complete nonsense, & it was. She started going on about "multi-tasking" and women are better at it than men (they have to be better in order to take care of house & children, was her contention) but I knew the concept couldn't be a scientifically accepted human trait. I went home after watching that drivel (that I was forced to pay to watch, mind you) & did some research and I was validated by what I found. I wrote a letter to the facilitator of the class to express my disagreement and a copy is below. It is important because people who are insecure or immature will torment traumatized people with their "abilities" - quick-thinking or what-have-you, but it can be frustrating because it's obvious that it's a competition - their point can be to frustrate and that is demeaning. Traumatized people have difficulty with being degraded.

This has actually come up again, in a worst possible way (from the trauma-informed perspective), because I recently got involved in an argument with a woman on social media who was insisting that the inability to multi-task was a sign (symptom? - I'm not sure what word she used), but people with "ADHD" have difficulty multi-tasking, was her contention. The woman apparently knew all about it because she was a psychologist and her husband had ADHD. People can use (mis)information from "psychology" in their abusive tactics, is the point here.

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A scan of a page from a court-ordered class entitled "Who Shall Survive" (or "lifeboat exercise").

One of my more recent projects was converting scanned magazine articles to digital text and one in a Colorado History magazine (printed in 1973) included an article about Junius R. Lewis. There was an injustice committed against him that entailed gender issues as well as the racism that he had to contend with. It's a fascinating story! (The article includes references so converting it to EPUB3 with audio reader capability is an aspect that needs work.)

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